10 Ways to Let Go of Your Ex and Move Onto the “Next”

Breaking up is hard to do, and it’s even harder when your ex has moved on and you haven’t been able to. Learn the 10 best ways to handle a painful breakup and move forward into your life with a fresh perspective.


1. Focus on Having Fun Again

  • Focus on this mantra: “I let go of my ex and focus on having fun with the next!”
  • If life has seemed too full of drama and seriousness (probably so if you’ve just gone through a breakup), focus on having fun, letting loose and just enjoying the moment.
  • Get out of the house. Plan one new thing a week that you always wanted to try, but your boyfriend or girlfriend didn’t.
  • Embrace singlehood, and remember, even God is single. So don’t give yourself a hard time about it.

2. Learn the Lesson in Your Past Relationship

  • Everything teaches a lesson, and chances are your ex was a big ”teacher” in your life.
  • What was he or she meant to teach you?
  • Take some time to write about it in a journal, or simply by introspective with this alone time. Use it wisely, so you don’t make the same relationship mistakes in the future.

3. Gain a Fresh Perspective on Being Single

  • Focus on what you can control ¾ your single life!
  • Make singlehood everything it wasn’t before. Seize each moment, have fun with your friends and love having “you time” that a relationship could never grant you.
  • Expand on hobbies, interests and anything you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Set goals ¾ big or small; the world is your oyster.

4. Take a Moment to Remember All the Things That Weren’t Perfect

  • Are you looking back on your breakup/relationship with nostalgia and romanticizing it?
  • STOP DOING THAT. Your relationship wasn’t perfect for you or your partner. Otherwise, you would be together. Just for a moment, remember the things that in retrospect weren’t perfect for you.
  • Get empowered by recognizing that you’re better on your own, and wish your ex well.

5. Become a List Maker, and Set Goals

  • So, you want to travel to Thailand, or change career paths? Now’s your chance. List your biggest goals, and set up mini milestones to help you reach them.
  • Make weekly lists of all the things you want to realistically accomplish ¾ from losing two pounds a month to saving $100 a week to travel.
  • No one will stop you from reaching your goals except for you.

6. Work Out and Start Feeling Great About Your Appearance Again

  • Make your health and attractiveness top priorities.
  • Breaking up with a long-term partner or spouse is tough. Exercise, get in touch with your body and feel great about it.
  • Boost your confidence with yoga, dance classes, weight-training and feeling great about the skin you’re in.

7. Go on an Experimental Date

  • When ready, date! Keep it light, keep it fun and practice flirting with your date as if this moment is the only one that counts!
  • Take control of your dating life; don’t put too much stock in it, and don’t have high expectations.
  • Just go out there again, and enjoy someone new treating you how to deserve to be treated.

8. Practice Flirting With Complete Strangers

  • Been a while since you felt desirous? That’s OK; enjoy flirting on a whole new playing field.
  • Focus on making eye contact, batting your eyelashes, staring with a smile at strangers and using a fun, double-meaning language to attract someone new.

9. Focus on Confidence Boosters

  • Confidence is about how you feel about yourself, so practice it in multiple ways ¾ exercise, affirmations, going above and beyond at work, and being around positive people who love you.
  • Use this affirmation to accelerate your confidence: “I hold the answer to every question I have. I look amazing and feel incredible. Life is moving in the direction I want it to move, and I hold the cards to my destiny!”

10. Make You Priority No. 1

  • Take the power of your own emotions back, rather than letting your ex control how you feel about the relationship or about yourself.
  • Focus on your happiness, and go to whatever lengths necessary in order to get it.


Learn how to make the most of being single again by improving your confidence, setting goals (and sticking to them) and focusing on having a great time from moment to moment ¾ no matter where that moment leads you. In no time at all, you’ll be able to bounce back to your single self and have a great time moving on from your recent breakup.